Who Is Responsible For Pulling a Building Permit in Houston?


Who Is Responsible For Pulling a Building Permit in Houston?


When a home gets built or remodeled, there are many different hands that work together to get those walls up, paint applied and the door unlocked. Several people have responsibilities that must be completed in a safe, legal method for that house to become a home and pass inspections. One of the most important tasks is to submit your completed Houston house plans and pull a building permit.

So whose job is it to submit plans for a building permit?

As with many things as complicated as building a structure, the answer boils down to “that depends.” You may have hired an architect or home designer to design your home and unsure the construction drawings meet building codes. Or, you have a builder or even a building firm to get your home up. So, the answer to ‘who should pull the building permit’ starts with who has a contractual responsibility to either complete or oversee the completion of all the construction phases including permitting.

Why Is A Building Permit Required?

Building permits are required to ensure the way a structure is built is done properly. Standards must be met to keep you safe and to make certain the building is up to code. Depending on the complexity of the remodel, many different systems will have to be inspected, including plumbing, electrical, storm protection, building structure and mechanical. If the home is over a certain size, you will also have to have footers and foundations inspected.

Permits are not required for simple changes like fences under 6 feet tall, installing a swing set, or putting in new carpet or flooring. It is important to work with the City of Houston’s permitting department tor to use a company like Houston Plans and Permits to make sure you understand all the requirements.

Homeowner Beware! Do Not Start Construction Without A Building Permit

The bottom line is as the homeowner; you are responsible if your new home or remodeling project does not have the correct building permit. Lack of knowledge does not count as an excuse. Furthermore, the consequences of not having that proper paperwork in place before any work begins can cost you in time and money and may result in fines from the city of Houston.

If it is discovered that a remodel or new structure was not permitted, state building officials can require the work be taken down and started over. And don’t think getting away with it at the time of building sets you free either. When you sell a home, the potential buyer or an inspector he hires will inevitably ask to see those permits. Once again, you will be financially and legally responsible.

So, whether you, your designer, or your general contractor is going to obtain the building permit, make sure that detail is included in your written contract. And don’t hesitate to follow up and ask to see the permits once they are issued.

Afterall, without a building permit it is your home, your family and your finances that are on the line.

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