Design Process

Have you received a red tag (code violation)! If so, we can help you get your home plans designs and permits approved

Below are the steps in which we handle this process:


1. Once we have an agreement,

we will go to your home or commercial site and measure your project. We will take pictures and explain to you what the city will ask for.

4. Once all the plans are ready,

we will submit the plans and fix any problems that the city has.


2. Once at the office,

we will begin to draw all the necessary plans for your project.


5. Once all the plans are approved

then we are ready to finalize your job.

3. At this time,

we will also call any inspector with any questions regarding your job to help us with any questions we may have.

If you have any questions, please call us at

(281) 372-1555

You can also email us at: