2020 House Floor Plan Trends

2020 House Floor Plan Trends

2020 is rapidly coming to an end (whew), but if you’re looking into creating a house floor plan for a new home, you may want to consider current trends before you get started. It’s tricky to predict what’s to come as far as house plans go, but we’ll provide a recap of some of the current preferences. While you don’t have to base your entire floor plan off of these ideas, it can be a great source of inspiration, as well as a guide for some things to consider when creating your own unique floor plan. This week’s Houston Plans & Permit will talk about what’s in as far as popular trends in architectural design, which will hopefully provide some helpful guidance for you.

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Modern Farmhouses

One of the most popular trends we’ve seen this year as far as architectural design is the modern farmhouse trend. This design pairs classic charm with cool features, such as sleek clean lines of contemporary design and the warm, cozy farmhouse aesthetic. It’s known for its simplicity and warmth, and includes natural textures and materials like wood and steel.

As opposed to the traditional farmhouse feel, the modern farmhouse architecture adds modern touches, such as smooth lines, glossy accents, and neutral color schemes. These designs are typically a bit less rustic and slightly more sophisticated than traditional farmhouse architecture.

Open Floor Plans

Another popular trend this year is open floor plans, which are both smart and convenient. An open floor plan refers to a home layout in which two or more common spaces have been joined together in some form of communal living space, otherwise known as a “great room.”

These types of plans help with traffic flow throughout the home, create shared light, improve real estate value, provide layout flexibility, and more!

Outdoor Living Spaces

While outdoor spaces have been a popular trend for years, more recent years have brought about outdoor spaces that entail much more than some lawn chairs, a few cushions, and a grill. In 2020, outdoor living spaces have become much more expansive. They’re bigger, more stylish, more sophisticated, and often even equipped with the latest technology! These are areas where the line between indoor and outdoor living becomes slightly blurred, but in a classy and sleek way.

This trend features elements such as rear porches, entire kitchens with sinks, dining areas, fire pits and fireplaces, and more!


  • If you’re looking into current trends and wanting to create a house floor plan for your dream home, let Houston Plans & Permits help you. Our experts will assist you in choosing elements and trends that fit well with your vision for the home.

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