How to build a home in houston

Building a home in Houston can be an exciting endeavor. While your home will likely be amazing when done, there are quite a few steps to building a house that you need to understand.

There are several questions you will want to have answered before you begin to build your home, such as:

  • Where do I get plans to build my own house?
  • How much to build a house in Houston?
  • What are the steps needed?
  • What does a general contractor do?
  • What permits are needed?

Where to Get Custom Home Plans

Having the right company design plans is the first step in the process of building a home in Houston. At Houston Plans and Permits, we help make your dream home a reality. From a small starter or retirement home to a larger dream home, we will provide a set of plans that can be used by the general contractor and engineers.

The home plans need to be done properly the first time, and we will work with you so they meet everyone’s needs and expectations. The city of Houston requires that all plans be drawn to scale, include building set back lines, and show all existing and proposed structures. Plans & Permits takes on the burden of creating custom home plans for you.

At Houston Plans and Permits, we are very familiar with the City of Houston planning and permitting process and, if requested, we can pull the needed permits for building a new home. This may free up the general contractor’s time to be able to begin building your house sooner.

The cost of the house will depend on many factors, such as the size, location, time frame, and finishes. Plans and Permits can help you stay within budget without making unnecessary sacrifices.

What are the Responsibilities of the General Contractor?

Once your building plans are complete, the next step is to interview and hire a licensed general contractor (GC).

While you may want to be a part of the construction process and learn how to build your own house, working with construction companies in Houston is essential to the process of building a house. Your GC will be the person to:

  • Manage the building of your home
  • Hire and oversee subcontractors such as the electrician, plumber, framers, roofers, trim and finish carpenters, flooring installers, and everyone else needed to build your home
  • Keep the project on the correct timeline
  • Keep the project on budget, or speak to you when the budget is compromised
  • Work with the inspectors at each step of the building process

Coordinating what needs to be done and when is definitely a juggling act, and one that you need to let your general contractor to handle; never try to learn how to build a house alone.

If you have a question about the work being done, or if you decide to make any changes to the final design ideas, it is the general contractor you will discuss this with. He or she will be the only point of contact for you. The GC is the liaison between you and all the other workers.

Your general contractor will know exactly which permits are needed, but it is wise for you to have a working knowledge of the City of Houston building code as well; after all, you are ultimately responsible to ensure your home is in compliance.

What Permits are Needed?

You must have the proper permits in order to build on your lot in Houston. If a city building inspector stops by your job site and realizes you do not have all the necessary paperwork, all construction will immediately stop, costing you more time and money.

But who is responsible for obtaining building permits? That is a conversation to have with your general contractor as part of the hiring process. But understand that the building permit must be on site before any work can begin.

At Houston Plans and Permits, we can quickly pull all necessary permits for your project. For a fee, your GC may also be able to pull the initial building permit and perhaps the trade permits such as electrical, plumbing, mechanical, sidewalk/driveway, HVAC, and any other required permits for your new home.

Getting Started

The first step in getting started building on your lot in Houston is to contact Houston Plans and Permits. We can help you determine what style and size of house will work best for your needs and offer design ideas that you may not have known were an option. We can design a set of house plans for your general contractor, architect, city permits office, or whoever else may need them. We also offer the service of pulling all needed permits for your project.

Contact the design and permitting team at Houston Plans and Permits now to start building your new home.