Design Process


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Design Process

Contractor measuring a room in a home

1. Once we have an agreement

our process involves a comprehensive initial assessment of your property or project. Our team will visit your location to conduct precise measurements and document the existing conditions. During this visit, we will also capture high-quality photographs to facilitate our analysis.

Subsequently, we will provide you with a thorough explanation of the city's requirements and regulations relevant to your specific project. This includes a detailed breakdown of the documentation and approvals necessary to move forward successfully. Our goal is to ensure that you are well-informed and prepared for the steps ahead, ensuring a smooth and compliant process for your project.

Architect sketching plans for a home

2. Once we are back at the office

we'll get to work on creating all the necessary plans for your project. Our team will start drafting detailed architectural and design blueprints that meet both regulatory standards and your project's unique needs. These plans will serve as the foundation for bringing your project to life, ensuring accuracy and compliance with the necessary requirements.

team discussing how to improve plans for the build

3. Once we are in the permitting stage

we will proactively contact the city plan checkers whenever questions or uncertainties arise during the course of your project. This collaborative approach ensures that we have direct access to expert guidance and assistance, helping us address any queries or concerns that may arise during the project's progression. This commitment to open communication with city plan checkers underscores our dedication to delivering a smooth and compliant project experience.

beautifully designed home

5. After your project receives the necessary approvals,

we will enter the finalization phase. During this stage, we will complete all the remaining tasks and preparations required to make your project ready for your possession and commencement of construction. This includes ensuring that all plans and documentation are in order and compliant with the approved specifications. Once this finalization process is complete, your project will be prepared for you to pick up and begin the construction phase according to your timeline and preferences.