5 Great Garage Conversion Ideas


5 Great Garage Conversion Ideas

If you have any long-term plans to live in your home, you will inevitably reach a point where renovations and remodels start to look very attractive. It’s fun to make tasteful changes to your living space over time, and it prevents your home from feeling stale.

One of the most common areas of the home that gets extensive remodels is the garage. As home plan designers in the greater Houston area, we have handled countless garage conversion jobs, providing quality design and as-built plans.

Do you have a garage space that’s just sitting there collecting dust? Consider these fun garage conversion ideas for your Houston home!


Whether you interpret “game room” to mean video games, board games, or tabletop games such as billiards and ping pong, they all have one thing in common — they’d all fit in perfectly into a specially designed garage game room.

A garage is a perfect space for a dedicated gaming area. It’s not too big as to feel superfluous, but it’s big enough to provide more than enough room for any type of game-related activity, whether it be a projection screen and seats, a sizeable table, or air hockey machines.


Want to turn your dark, musty garage into an amazing gaming room and a place of comfort? We can work with you! Houston Plans and Permits can provide the blueprints and make it happen.


For better or for worse, we’re moving into a time where movie theaters are becoming more and more obsolete. Many new releases can be watched digitally now, and it’s often a much more economical choice given the steep rise of movie ticket prices in the last several years.

What better way to emulate a movie theater experience than to have one at your home? A home theater garage conversion is perfect for this. It allows you to create a dedicated home theater that doesn’t feel intrusive. Most families have a TV in their living rooms, but that doesn’t mean they always want movie theater pews and a projection screen hanging down.

A garage turned home theater gives you that dedicated space, making it a movie spot that you can use at a moment’s notice, avoiding the hassle of having to set it up and take it down every time. Oh, and don’t forget about the natural acoustics that you’ll find in a garage space! You’ll love the booming surround sound in your newly renovated home theater.


There are countless adults who have invested countless hours and money into their hobbies and passions, but unfortunately, the crushing responsibilities of adult life often lead to diminishing returns. Hobbies tend to take up space, and when you only have so much of that available, you start to ask, “what’s the point?” when you see a cool collectible you want — there’s no good in buying something if you have no room for it.

That’s why hobby rooms are a boon to many homeowners. As space diminishes, so too does room to store stuff, and this is especially true when kids enter the mix and bedrooms are (rightfully) forfeited for their use. Having a hobby room can serve as a space to show off cool collectibles, or function as a workspace for someone who’s invested in creative work, such as painting, quilting, or creating music.


Converting your garage into a home office is useful for many reasons. First of all, it guarantees your home office a spot on the main floor of the home. This is nice — upper floors and basements are often reserved for bedrooms and leisure spaces which can create a subconscious disconnect from productive work. Being on the main floor also provides quick access to the bathroom and kitchen.

Relegating your home office to the garage space is also nice, because home offices quite often only serve one person. Unless both parents in the home have jobs that allow them to work from home, a home office might be useless for the majority of the family. By keeping it in the garage, it opens up the other rooms in your house for purposes that are more well-rounded for everyone else.


Finally, you’ll find an incredible amount of versatility if you call our home design firm to create a new living space out of your garage. By adding what is essentially an extra bedroom to your house, you open up endless options.

An additional bedroom can function as a personal space for nannies, a spot for guests to reside, or an extra room if your children are starting to outnumber the bedrooms in your home.


Additionally, one of the best aspects of having extra living space in your home is that you can use it for extra income. You can rent out the room for a nice passive monthly income, and you’ll hardly even notice your home’s extra guest if you ask us to create an outdoor entry in your garage conversion. It’s also useful for services such as Airbnb, where you can accommodate temporary guests who need something akin to a hotel room.


You can trust us when we say we know of some really cool ways to convert your garage into a new space — after all, we’re the ones that have personally designed these remodels! As house designers and blueprint providers in the Houston area, we’ve created countless floor plans that have transformed garages into amazing new spaces.

Are you looking for floor plan designs or remodels for your home? Contact Houston Plans and Permits today!

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