5 Modern Home Design Styles

5 Modern Home Design Styles

Congratulations! You’re designing a home!

Designing a modern style home can be a very intimidating process, especially when deciding where to start. A great place to get started is to decide what type of home style that you want. Think about aspects such as your current lifestyle, future lifestyle, and most importantly the type of energy that you want to feel when being that home. This home is going to be the space that you are going to be in (hopefully) for a very long time, it is most important that you feel comfortable within it.

What is a modern home? While the term, “modern home design” or “modern house design” is a huge umbrella term, it mainly focuses on the primary and most common elements seen within that home. Home design is a very personal thing and can be reflected differently among various locations, especially in Houston. Modern homes first started becoming popular after World War II. With the war ending, and more people living in cities, space became limited. One of the main characteristics of modern homes are the way that they are able to make a smaller space seem bigger. This means that modern homes are usually taller in height, with multiple floors and have a very rectangular or square shape. They also focus on allowing the home to have lots of natural lighting, which means large windows are very important. This can also make your home more energy efficient, which is a great bonus.

Modern homes also tend to have a very minimalistic appearance. Many times both the interior and exterior appearance have very clean, straight lines. Geometric patterns are also commonly used to decorate within the home. Modern home design tends to focus on neutral color palettes and open floors. Many houses commonly like to mix natural earth materials with industrial metal materials. For example, you’ll see a lot of kitchens with large marble counters but mixed with stainless steel appliances and accents. Click here to see some of the modern homes that we have designed.

Now that we’ve tackled the definition of what modern home design is, let’s focus on the various styles within that specific genre.


Contemporary Styled Design

Modern and Contemporary house designs are often thrown together and used interchangeably, however there is a difference. The main difference is that modern home design is a stricter term specifically relating to the design style that started in the 20th century. Whereas contemporary home design has more of a fluid style, contemporary homes often have patterns with curved lines, natural or recycled materials, and have a large emphasis on being entertainment houses. So there is a large focus on gathering areas, whether that be large kitchen tables, outdoor spaces, or free standing fireplaces.

Minimalist Style Design

This style is just like it sounds, minimalistic. Think of the way a home looks, when you’ve first moved in and only the essential living items are out. That would be how a modern minimalistic home looks all the time. This design has a strong focus on creating spaces that are very airy, which gives the home a non-congested look. Minimalistic style house plans are based off of pure functionality. You won’t find anything that is excessive or flamboyant in these homes. They often have more of an industrial look with home additions of simple metal accents.

Industrial Style Design

Once again this style, sounds just like its name. Many times this style of home draws inspiration from a warehouse or urban loft. The home will have a sense of unfinishedness. So open areas with exposed brick or beams of wood being exposed from the ceiling, are things that you would find in an industrial styled home. These homes are usually converted spaces that were not meant to be a home before. There is a high focus on open spaces with very little clutter.

Mid-Century Modern Style Design

This design style is a twist on homes that were designed and built in the 50’s and 60’s. These homes have a sort of retro style that can present a feeling of nostalgia when within the space. It also has mixes of minimalism, which is where the modern home design aspect would come into play. There is a seamless transition of design that transfers the interior design into the exterior design. While there is still a sense of color simplicity, there is more of a forgiving color palette in these homes. The emphasis is still on neutral colors however, there are more pops of accent colors within the rooms or certain rooms might have colored themes. Primary colors are typically seen as the accents within the homes.

Scandinavian Style Design

Scandinavian home design gives a home a very simplistic feel. A white/grey color pallet is typically what is seen in these homes, with very small muted pops of color. These homes are supposed to mimic the “simplicity of life that is demonstrated in Nordic countries”. Homes are designed to be spacious, naturally lit, yet still functional. Natural elements like pressed wood, bright plastics, and enameled aluminum are all materials that you could expect to see in a Scandinavian home.

If you have any further questions about styles of modern house design or custom design plans, especially within the Houston area, feel free to contact us by clicking here. We would be happy to assist you!