5 Tips for Creating Your House Floor Plan

5 Tips for Creating Your House Floor Plan

Creating a sufficient floor plan is essential when designing and building your home, or even when you decide to make additions. It can help maximize flow between spaces, increasing your enjoyment, and possibly even the resale value. This week’s Houston Plans & Permits blog is here to discuss some key tips on how to create a house floor plan that will help ensure your building project is successful.

Houston Plans & Permits is a custom home designer that can help you create a successful floor plan and ensure each component is up to code based on your city’s standards. Read on for some important tips and contact us in Houston today to begin creating your house floor plan!

Focus on the Important Areas

When creating your house floor plan, you want every single area of your new house to be perfect, and rightfully so. However, when it comes time to make decisions in regards to your floor plan, we recommend focusing on some key areas first.

The kitchen, living area, and family room are the most important areas that can really make or break a home floor plan. While we’re not suggesting you neglect the other areas of your home, such as the bedrooms or bathrooms, we feel that these three areas deserve a bit of special attention. Make sure that everything is connected and flows well, as these areas are where people will spend the majority of their time.

Ensure Versatility & Flexibility

When creating your floor plan, keep in mind that life changes — fast. You may want to expand your family, or you may be of the age where you’re looking forward to becoming an empty nester. Either way, when creating your floor plan, incorporate elements that can easily be tweaked. For example, make sure that your home office could easily be turned into another bedroom if need be, or vice versa.

Doing so can also increase your resale value, as potential buyers are looking for ways to make a home their own.

Consider Size

When designing each area of your home, take into account how many people will typically be in each area. Will everyone have room to move around? Is there enough room for all of your current furniture or for people to conduct activities?

Focus more on areas of your home where multiple people will find themselves at once, such as the living room, and make those bigger than say, a bedroom, as more space will be needed here.

Establish Priorities

When creating your house floor plan, take time to think about your lifestyle and specific priorities. Do you love entertaining? Are you a homebody who likes to spend a significant amount of time in a specific room? Maybe you have a hobby that you’re really passionate about that can come into play.

Create a house floor plan that coincides with these priorities. If you enjoy entertaining, opt for a bigger kitchen and living area. If you’re an avid reader and have a large book collection, make room for a small library. This is a great way to not only incorporate some of your personal tastes into your home design, but also make everyday life more enjoyable.

Find a Balance Between Details and Practicality

While everyone would love to build a beautiful, lavish mansion, we all know that’s not always possible. We recommend finding a nice balance between details and practicality. Consider things like safety, ease of cleaning, utilities cost, etc. when adding extra details to your home. There are some things that may be feasible, but others that would probably be best left out.

Houston Plans & Permits is here to help you create a house floor plan so you can finally build your perfect home. Our experienced team can help you decide which elements will be best for your needs, from top to bottom. Reach out to us in Houston for affordable house plans today!