Don’t Start Without Your House Building Permits


Don’t Start Without Your House Building Permits

It can be extremely exciting when you decide you're going to build a brand new home -- or make extensive renovations on the one that you currently live in. Building a new house means upgraded aesthetics around you, or a more convenient, easy to use living space. However, one thing we recommend that you always do before you start building a new living space is ensure that you have the right building permits. In our experience, getting house building permits not only ensure that you're completely complying with the law -- but also that your building process will be as safe as possible. Read on to learn more about why you should get your house building permits before you ever start working.

Comply with Local Laws

Local living laws vary depending on where you live. However, applying for a home construction permit ensures that the house that you’re building — and the building process — will meet all of the local requirements. By ensuring that you comply with all local laws, you can avoid any fines that you would incur from breaking the law — or avoid having your building project shut down, which would mean that you would not be able to finish building your new living space.

Save Money

If your building does not meet code, then you may have to spend extra money having your contractor re-design or correct the problem. By applying for house building permits in advance, you can ensure that your building will meet code if inspected — and that you won’t have to shell out any extra cash to make fixes.

Put Safety First

Getting a home construction permit means that your process complies is being properly overseen and that your project meets all necessary safety requirements. This ensures that your home construction site is as safe as it can possibly be and that no one working on or visiting the site is at risk of being injured or harmed.

Ensure Your Insurance Will Work

If you have purchased insurance for your home project but you haven’t obtained the proper building permit — your insurance might not cover any injury or problem that arises during work. This would mean that should someone be injured or something be damaged while your home is built, you would be liable to cover the cost. If you have the proper building permits for the project, then your insurance will likely cover anything that happens during the building phase.

Protect Property Value

If you’re trying to sell a home that you’re building or renovating, having the proper permit can ensure that you can sell that property for what it’s actually worth.

If you’re planning to build your own home in the near future in the Houston area, get in touch with us at Houston Plans & Permits. Not only can we help you come up with the living space of your dreams and the design the space into a thorough Houston home plan, we can also help walk you through the permitting process — so you easily obtain your home construction permit and ensure that your home construction process goes off without a hitch. With our help getting a permit process in Houston, your home building experience can turn out as smooth, easy, and safe as possible.

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