How to Draw Building Plans for Permit Applications

How to Draw Building Plans for Permit Applications

Acquiring a construction permit for a new structure in Houston can be a daunting task. You need to provide the permitting center highly detailed building plans that thoroughly showcase the scope of your project. Who draws house plans if you’re considering your own custom house plan or an addition to your existing house?

You can certainly attempt to take on the house design process yourself, but it could end up costing you more time and money. If you aren’t quite sure how to create building plans, including foundation elevations and site plans for construction permits, getting construction right can be a long and tedious process. Who draws house plans if you’re considering your own custom house plan or an addition to your existing house?

Your project cannot start construction until you receive your permit. Your City of Houston permit status will remain unapproved until your plans are drawn to scale and follow the City of Houston building code.


Part of the complication involved in drawing building plans or drafting plans for any new construction is caused by the fact that each jurisdiction in Houston can have different codes and ordinances. Without knowledge of those requirements, it can be tough figuring out how to draw building plans for the permitting process.

There are other stipulations your new construction or house addition plans must may face depending upon the specifications and dimensions of your lot. For example, many properties have easements, which are areas of your property in which sewer lines, power lines, and other service lines pass through. You are not allowed to build anything on easements, and you’ll need knowledge of those areas and city code to ensure your plans can move forward through the permitting process.

If you live in a planned community, subdivision, or property governed by a homeowner’s association or similar community board, you will need to follow all prerequisites or guidelines in regards to building or gaining construction permits.


You may have already seen stock building plans available for purchase on the Internet. These are not recommended due to lack of details in regard to your lot. The local permit center in Houston can and often do turn down plans that weren’t created by a licensed professional within the state of Texas. Additionally, the stock plans may not specifically adhere to the rules of your jurisdiction.

Your best option is to retain the services of a business like Houston Plans & Permits that provides custom Houston home plans and designs. A design firm will know each jurisdiction’s codes and ordinances. They have expert knowledge regarding how to draw house plans to scale for your unique lot. A design firm is a worthwhile investment that saves time and stress.

Houston Plans and Permits provides construction design services for homeowners, builders, and investors. For over 15 years, our experienced team has customized house plans to exact specifications, leaving you free to take care of other things without worrying about this time-consuming and difficult area of the project.

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