Make Sure the Design of Your Custom Home Will Stand the Test of Time

Make Sure the Design of Your Custom Home Will Stand the Test of Time

At one time or another, most people daydream about building their dream home. Sometimes, it's a ranch in the foothills with a stable of horses. Other times, it's an urban oasis that provides sanctuary from the chaos of the big city. No matter what the specifics, building a custom home is a unique experience that, if done correctly, can completely transform a lifestyle.

Of course, even the most vivid of daydreams must be rooted in some resemblance of reality for them to ever come to fruition. When you're designing and building the custom home of your dreams, a brief set of guidelines can greatly assist you in turning those dreams into reality. Be deliberate, well-organized and thorough with your planning, and your chances of building your oasis, however you define it, will be greatly improved.

Tastes Change Over Time

One of the costliest errors people make when designing a custom home is mistaking trends and their current personal tastes for permanent fixtures. Building a home around such temporary features can prove to be extraordinarily costly down the road. Just like hairstyles, wardrobes, cars and technology, trends in home design can and do change often.

To avoid expensive and drastic remodeling in the future, take the time to decide what styles will suit you both now and many years down the road. Most people have some form of aesthetic that they would consider timeless. Use that personal definition of timelessness and whatever it entails to design your home.

While the desire to remodel in some capacity is almost inevitable for most, planning your dream home with a look and feel that will still inspire and provide you comfort years into the future will likely prevent you from undertaking a substantial remodel in coming years.

Build a Foundation for Tomorrow

Although it might seem counterintuitive to timeless design, an eye towards the future will serve you well when building your custom home. Technology, for instance, changes so rapidly that it can often be difficult to keep pace with the latest and greatest. Still, what is cutting-edge today will probably be commonplace tomorrow, so plan accordingly. Homes built just a decade ago were well served by embedding ample wiring to accommodate today’s high definition televisions and wired appliances, even if they were still relatively uncommon at the time of construction.

Likewise, eco-friendly features like solar energy and water conservation techniques are typically much easier to integrate during the planning stages of a custom home than they are after the fact. Even if you don’t deem such features as necessities now, you might think differently after a decade’s worth of skyrocketing utility bills. Design and build with the future in mind when choosing eco-friendly features for your custom home.

Dream Big but Stay Grounded

Lastly, remember that daydreams tend to be big in scope and reach, but they are not always attainable in reality. When designing and building your custom home, remain cognizant of the local zoning and planning guidelines to make sure the construction process is as efficient as possible. Do your research, and incorporate all legalities and mandates into your blueprints to save time, money and heartache just halfway through the build. Although a beautiful, long, winding driveway might be a part of your daydreams, it’s not worth pursuing if it doesn’t abide by local planning laws.

If you’re concerned about the design and style of your new home plans, contact us to review and likely save you time and money during the construction process.

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