What To Bring When Meeting with A Home Designer For House Plans


What To Bring When Meeting with A Home Designer For House Plans


You have finally made all the arrangements and are on your way to building your dream home. With the first meeting between you and your home designer coming up, you need to make sure you go prepared, so your dream home doesn’t become a nightmare.

So what do you need to bring to a meeting with a home designer? Here is a straightforward list to get you organized:

What is your home design vision?

Be ready to talk with your home designer about the style and size you envision, everything from size to style. Are you interested in a small, traditional front porch home with dog house dormers or a sleek, modern design with an open concept floor plan? Do you want two or more structures? One that has room for a mother-in-law apartment? You should come to the meeting knowing how many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want and if the budget gets tight how many you can live with. Know if the home should be designed for single floor living or if you want more than one floor?

It is helpful if you have pictures of things you like in a home, like a style of window, the look of a fireplace and such. Bring pictures; any floor plans you have and even sketches of the property the home will be on. Consider signing up with Houzz or Pinterest and collecting design ideas in an Ideabook. Your home designer will have had experience using these online tools to capture your sense of style.

What you like and do not like about where you live now?

This may seem somewhat simple, but it is easy to overlook. You may take the time to walk around your home and make notes about what bothers you and what delights you. Make notes about other features you like that you may have seen in friends’ houses. That way you can get the home design that best suits and that you have experienced.

How much are you planning on spending?

Without a reasonable budget, you may end up frustrated. Work with the person who is doing your home design to bring your vision in-line with the realities of how much money you have to spend. Make sure you allow for changes and delays and their associated costs. Dreaming of a $500,000 house with a $100,000 budget only spells trouble. Be realistic. An average home in Houston, TX is currently $319,000 or $159 per square foot with a median size of 1900 sq ft.

Do you have special needs that the home designer should consider?

Do you have a collection of antiques that you would like displayed in your home? Are you an avid kayaker with a river full of equipment to store? Do you need storage for motorcycles or watercraft? Make sure you talk to your designer or builder about these individual needs.

Provide a list of vendors, materials and products you like

Home designers, contractors and builders usually have a list of suppliers they prefer to work with. If you have a particular product line you want to be included in your home design, you need to speak up in the beginning. It will be helpful if you have information on where that product can be bought. A 48″ Thermador range with a professional range hood will require a different floor plan than a standard range with over the stove microwave oven. Knowing the brand and sizes of appliances, the number and type of bar stools you want around the kitchen island, and whether you want a Kohler pedestal sink or custom built vanity for the guest bath helps the designer allocate space in your floor plan.

The Decision Maker and Point of contact

Finally, this simple information often gets forgotten when discussing your new home or remodel with your home designer. Especially if you are building this house with a partner or spouse, decide who will be the point of contact for the designer and whose decision is the final one. This will save a lot of frustration and communication slip ups.

When you meet with your home designer, you will need to give them insight into who you are, how your family lives within your home and overall, what kind of house will give your family a place where everyone feels comfortable. In the end, when you put that welcome mat out, you want to be completely satisfied with your new home.

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