Why You Should Bring the Residential Floor Plans to the Home Builder


Why You Should Bring the Residential Floor Plans to the Home Builder

You have made the decision to build your dream home, congratulations! Now's the time to nail down your design. You know basically what you need in terms of bedrooms and bathrooms, and you know some of the bells and whistles you want like an island kitchen and a fireplace. You certainly know what you DON'T want. You don't want a cookie cutter house that looks like everyone else's.

So where do you go from here? How do you take your vision and turn that into blueprints? That's where a home design company comes in. They can take your wishlist and help you transform it into the home you've always wanted.


Most people think they need to use either an architect or pre-planned designs from a builder when they want to build a home. However, there are advantages to using a home design company to create your Houston house plans instead.


Where the primary business focus of a builder is construction, home design companies specialize in creating residential floor plans. They have the expertise needed to take your ideas and convert them to paper so a builder can carry them out.


While a builder can and will need to have certain permits in place before construction can begin, a home design company can help you and your builder through the process. They will have all the specifications at their disposal to complete any needed applications.

Be Your Own General Contractor

While not a job for everyone, being your own general contractor can be very rewarding and allows you to stay in control of the entire process. There are lots of rules and regulations surrounding the home building industry, and they vary by city, county and state. By using a design company that provides services in the area you want to live, you’ll be assured they have a handle on all the required latest specifications you’ll need to follow.


Most builders are talented people with great reputations, which is something you should definitely look for before you select one. They often work in a specific subdivision or development, where they are limited as to the exterior design changes they can make. If you don’t want your home in one of these communities, you have more freedom to choose everything from your home’s style to the exterior materials to the color of the siding you choose.

Builders also often only work with a limited number of residential floor plans and only allow certain variations from them. If you truly want a custom home, you need a flexibility you won’t find with just any builder.


Architects are talented individuals to be sure, but their expertise comes at a cost, typically much higher than a home design company. They also often lack the contacts and resources needed to make the permit process go smoothly.


What this all comes down to, is that you want to find the best professionals for each phase of the home building process. Let the builder and contractors do what they do best, build. But give them the best possible start with a professionally developed home floor plan that details your exact wishes. With the right people on your side, your dream home will be a reality in no time.

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