How to Get Floor Plans of a House - Are House Floor Plans Public Record?

How to Get Floor Plans of a House - Are House Floor Plans Public Record?

If you’re considering buying a home, it’s important to see the floor plans first to get an idea of how all the rooms are laid out.

Buying a new home is not the only reason you might be wondering how to get a house floor plan. Even if you already own a home, you’ll likely need to figure out where to get the floor plan for your house before you start any remodeling projects.

How do you get floor plans for your house, or for another home? And are house floor plans public record?

Here’s what you need to know if you’ve ever had to ask – how do I get the blueprints for my house?


The first step of figuring out how to get floor plans of a house is to contact the City of Houston Permitting Center. Most local centers of this kind have a large collection of existing house plans for the area.

Even if your home was built years ago, you can likely get the floor plans for your house by visiting the City of Houston Permitting Center.


Another easy way to figure out how to get your house plans is to contact your home’s builder. Most builders and architects keep floor plans on hand for years, so yours may still be available.

You can also use Plans & Permits for help with your Houston permit status. A simple phone call can get you the help you need as you work on either buying a house or remodeling your existing home. The knowledgeable professionals at Plans & Permits can help you find the floor plans for your home.


In many cases, the listing agent of a home will have the floor plans available. After all, many buyers ask to see the layout of the home before purchasing. Some real estate agents even attach the house plans for existing homes to their online listings, so they shouldn’t be hard to find.

If you don’t have a copy of your existing house plans, just ask the listing agent of your home, “Where can I find blueprints for my house?” You should be able to locate a copy of your house plans with little investigation required.


Your neighbors might have done some remodeling work recently and might therefore have a copy of their floor plans. Consider asking them how to find floor plans of a house, since they’ve already been through the process. For many housing developments, your neighbor’s home may have been built by the same contractor, so they could speed up the process significantly.

If your neighborhood appears to have similar house plans in Houston, you might not even need a copy of your specific home’s floor plans (depending on your needs). You can just find a neighbor with the same layout and ask for a copy of their floor plans. This is not a recommended route if you’re editing or drawing plans for a building permit.

Generally, floor plans should be public record. But that doesn’t mean figuring out how to get floor plans of an existing house is always an easy process. So if you’re still wondering, “Where do I find floor plans for my house?” you may need to try a few of the aforementioned options.

With the help of Plans & Permits, you’ll get a fast response from a friendly team that can provide you with the floor plans you need.

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